More About Me

Specializing in Denver Metro

Cindy's love of real estate stems from growing up in the Rocky Mountain west, where she was exposed to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the entire country. She has spent a lifetime buying and selling properties with her husband, from raw land high in the Aspen forests, to the bustling Denver metro, and loves to help clients learn how growing their investment portfolio, or simply owning their own piece of paradise, can help them grow wealth and achieve financial independence. She has a special passion for clean and green living, and can help you find or create environmentally sound buildings to give your family and loved ones the most protection possible from environmental toxins.

Joining Coldwell Banker Denver Tech Center (DTC) was a calculated move. As one of the brand's highest-producing offices in the country, the brokerage has many programs to help the most discerning clients, with an aggressive lock on the luxury marketspace, and high-end marketing programs to bring in top dollar for even the most discreet of buyers or sellers. Furthermore, Cindy has lived on both coasts in the US and in between, so if you're relocating, she understands where you might be coming from and how to help you transition to property ownership in Colorado. And, realizing that not everyone can tap the luxury market, Cindy also has a soft spot for helping those new to real estate learn how they can build their own foundations for long-term wealth and success, with programs that can really help buyers get into their first properties! When we work together, we're not just finding or selling a home, we're creating an investment and a strategy.

Cindy has advanced degrees in both marketing and medical science, so you can be assured that she has the utmost professionalism and the ability to be responsive, trustworthy, and reliable. She has an ability to be honest and frank, and have real discussions, so uncomfortable sales pitches will not be found here! Having the chance now to work in real estate is a passion and a hobby, so when it doesn't feel like work, we will have so much fun together! Looking forward to helping you build your own dreams of living in the beautiful Rocky Mountain West.